Webinar Series


We are pleased to launch this new 2021 webinar series for the INTOSAI community. These webinars will bring together experts and practitioners on topics relevant to the auditing community to help address emerging issues auditors face under the pandemic. We welcome your participation in this webinar series and look forward to continuing our strong collaboration.

Upcoming Webinars

Below is information on our upcoming webinars, how to join, and how to subscribe to our mailing list.

  • Upcoming webinar: Real-time Auditing of COVID-19 Activities (PROVIDE YOUTUBE LINK ONCE READY), April 7, 2021 from 10-11 am Eastern Standard Time (1-2 pm Coordinated Universal Time, UTC).
  • This moderated webinar features three panelists with extensive experience in real-time auditing. You can find bios for the panelists here. The webinar will cover challenges faced, solutions identified, specific examples of real-time auditing under COVID-19, and advice moving forward. We are excited for this event.
  • You will be viewing this webinar on YouTube. We encourage participation using the comment feature to introduce yourself (Hello, this is NAME from SAI/ORGANIZATION COUNTRY) and to ask questions and make comments. For more on joining in Youtube and using the comment feature, click here.
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Past Webinars

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