SAI Continuity of Operations

Individual SAIs | INTOSAI and Other Organizations

Saudi Fund for Improved SAI Performance (Saudi Arabia)

Individual SAIs

SAI Angola Operating Status (Angola) [Portuguese]

FBSA Action Plan During COVID-19 (ARABOSAI)

The Extraordinary Action-plan Adopted by the State Audit Bureau – Qatar to confront COVID-19 (ARABOSAI)

SAI Argentina Operating Status (Argentina) [Spanish]

SAI Australia operations during the COVID-19 pandemic (Australia)

SAI Austria president informs about future priorities(Austria)

SAI Bangladesh Circular on Operating Status (Bangladesh)

SAI Bosnia and Herzegovina on Activities During COVID-19 Pandemic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

SAI Brazil Transition to Telework under COVID-19 (Brazil)

P.E.I. Premier asks Auditor General to Review COVID-19 Aid Programs (Canada)

COVID-19 impacts: Challenges facing the profession and professional accountancy organisations (CAPA)

SAI Costa Rica on Oversight During COVID-19 (Costa Rica)

2020 Work Programme – COVID-19 Update and Revision (European Court of Audits)

COVID-19: SAI France Continues to Carry Out Its Missions (France)

Results of SAI France’s Staff Survey (France)

FBSA Action Plan During COVID-19 Pandemic (Iraq) (English | Arabic)

How the Coronavirus Changes Education (Russia)

How the Coronavirus Changes Healthcare (Russia)

How the Coronavirus Changes Social Services (Russia)

How the Coronavirus Changes Work of SAIs (Russia)

How the Coronavirus Changes Work of SAIs 2.0: more analytics, emphasis on social issues and “civil audit” (Russia)

How the Coronavirus Changes the Openness of Governments: Analytical Portals and New Platforms for Dialogue with Citizens (Russia)

SAIs Response to COVID-19 Pandemic (Russia)

SAI Sweden Operating Status (Sweden)

SAI Switzerland Reorients its Audit Activities (Switzerland)

SAO Thailand and Responding in the Critical Time of COVID-19 (Thailand)

SAI Turkey – Measures Taken to for Providing Business Continuity (Turkey)

SAI UAE Business Continuity Tactics During COVID-19 (United Arab Emirates)

SAI UK COVID-19 Website (UK)

GAO Coronavirus Oversight (USA)

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INTOSAI and Other Organizations

Guidance to SAIs in Times of Crisis (INTOSAI CBC)

Coronavirus: “How should SAI’s respond?” (INTOSAI CBC)

Disaster Preparedness for SAIs (INTOSAI KSC)

Accountability in a Time of Crisis (IDI) [English, French, Spanish, Arabic]

Covid-19 Implications for SAI Strategic Management (IDI)

Deciding on SAI Financial Audits in COVID-19 Times (IDI)

Auditing During COVID-19 (IDI)


What does Coronavirus Pandemic mean for INTOSAI regions? (ARABOSAI)

Business Continuity Planning – A Guide for SAIs (CAROSAI and PASAI)

6 Ways Auditors Can Cope with the COVID-19 Crisis (Canadian Audit and Accountability Office)

Maintaining trust and confidence in a time of crisis (New Zealand)

Accountability and Anti-corruption in COVID-19 Relief Funds (United Nations)

Resilient institutions in times of crisis (United Nations)

Ensuring State Continuity During the COVID-19 Pandemic (The World Bank)

Role of SAIs in Governments’ Response to COVID-19: Emergency and Post Emergency Phases (The World Bank)

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